Stretcher on a Commercial Flight

This case presents Mediaviation's medical escort on a scheduled commercial flight - Russia to UK

Mediaviation had an enquiry from a family who had a father and husband in hospital in Russia after he had suffered from a stroke on holiday with friends. The Patient's family were very anxious for him to return home in time for his daughter's wedding.

Repatriations on commercial flights with a stretcher require medical clearance prior to flight therefore it was unclear if Mediaviation would be able to meet the deadline for the Patient to be returned home in time. When applying for clearance with the airline, Mediaviation explained the importance of returning the Patient back to UK at the earliest opportunity.

Another obstacle that Mediaviation was faced with was visa to Russia. Due to Mediaviation's wide variety of medical escorts in different specialities with multiple visas to various countries, we did not have to delay the repatriation in order to apply for visas.

Mediaviation were able to organise all arrangements for a stretcher repatriation in enough time to bring the Patient home in time to attend his daughter's wedding and celebrate with the very grateful family who had the peace of mind that their family member was home for an important family event.