Stretcher flight with commercial airlines

Mediaviation organised commercial flight with stretcher from The Netherlands back to the UK.

Margaret was on holiday in The Netherlands when she had a stroke. She needed to be repatriated in a lying position and admitted to a neurology ward upon arrival in the UK.

Mediaviation organised the complete bed to bed repatriation for Margaret. This included: medical clearance for the commercial flight with stretcher, organisation of the appropriate medical escort, purchase of the flight tickets for Mediaviation's medical escort, Margaret's companion and stretcher for Margaret, organisation of the ground ambulance transfers to and from the airports in The Netherlands and in the UK and the hospital admission in the UK.

Mediaviation liaised with the numerous parties involved (Patient's family, Dutch and UK hospital, etc.) in order to make all the arrangements necessary to this repatriation.

Margaret arrived safely in the UK and was escorted by Mediaviation's medical escort all the way to the bed that was waiting for her in the neurology ward of her local hospital.