Land Ambulance Transfer from Bristol to Wales

This case presents how the right level of medical care on board of land ambulance can save a life.

A Patient who had a heart attack during his holiday in Spain was escorted on a commercial flight with our medical escort.

During the commercial flight all had gone to plan – the Patient was well and had experienced no unexpected medical scenarios during the flight. On arrival into the UK Mediaviation's paramedic who had escorted the Patient during the 3 hour land ambulance journey in Spain and throughout the flight back to the UK was happy that the Patient was back in the UK and with his condition on arrival. However, due to his working time, he had to hand the Patient over to the land ambulance paramedic crew for the last leg of his journey to his local hospital as the Patient and his wife were traveling back to Wales from Bristol airport.

The Patient was happy to be back in the UK and a step closer to returning to his home. While having a conversation with the paramedic crew in the land ambulance, the Patient took a sudden, unexpected turn for the worse. He suffered another heart attack which resulted in the paramedics conducting CPR to resuscitate the Patient.

During the attack the land ambulance driver put on his blue lights and diverted from his course to the Patient's local hospital to the closest A&E to their location. Fortunately due to the paramedic's high level of training they were able to successfully resuscitate the Patient and get him to the closest hospital for further treatment.