ICU Hospital Admission

This case study presents the ICU hospital admission

ICU beds in UK NHS hospitals cannot be guaranteed even on the day of a repatriation back to the UK. When arranging an ICU air ambulance transfer it is very important that the Patient has been accepted and a potential bed is available for the Patient on arrival.

Mediaviation organised an ICU air ambulance repatriation for a 48 year old female, who was involved in a severe road traffic accident, resulting in multiple injuries while on holiday in Canada. This repatriation was arranged with close cooperation with the Patient's local hospital to allow an ICU bed to be available on her arrival due to the sever nature of her injuries.

Once we had the green light from the hospital to confirm all the details and arrange the repatriation back to the UK, we proceeded to send the full ICU air ambulance to Canada to meet the Patient and return to the UK with her. While the Patient was on the air ambulance back to the UK, at each and every air ambulance stop for refuelling, Mediaviation was in touch with the ICU consultants at the UK hospital with the updates on the air ambulance repatriation and Patient's condition. We agreed with the consultants to update them two hours prior to Patient's arrival in the UK. During that phone call 2 hours before the air ambulance's arrival, we were informed that unfortunately an accident had happened in the local area resulting in all of the ICU beds that were available hours earlier now to be occupied.

Since the Patient was already on the air ambulance travelling back to the UK mission could not be aborted at that stage. Mediaviation were advised by the local hospital of all the hospitals near the Patient which had intensive care units that we would need to contact for our Patient. After calling three hospitals in the area close to the Patient's home address we finally found a hospital that had a free ICU bed where the Patient could be taken on arrival. The hospital was more than 30 miles from the Patient's home address, however due to her condition it was the best alternative so she could continue to receive the best level of care available. The consultants were satisfied with all the information they received from our medical team prior to Patient's arrival.

On arrival to the UK our land ambulance with the air ambulance medical crew took the Patient to the altered location where she stayed until an ICU bed became available at her local hospital.