Air Ambulance Transfer of Critically ill Baby

This case is the example of air ambulance flight repatriation from Athens, Greece to Miami, USA.

Mediaviation promptly responded to the urgent air ambulance transfer. Their professionalism was highly appreciated.

Within hours of being notified, Mediaviation had pre-positioned the air ambulance to wait at Athens Airport to transport the baby and a medical team the following day on the ten and a half hour flight to Florida.

"Loading a sick child onto an air ambulance can be the most dangerous part of a transfer," says Mediaviation's Dr, "but the specialist loading system of the Learjet aircraft enabled us to move the baby from the ambulance to the aircraft in a gentle and controlled way, with no heavy lifting or sudden movement."

Once on the air ambulance, the medical team had plenty of space to attend to the baby and to store essential intensive care equipment. On landing in Miami, the pilots spent two hours on the ground with the medical escorts, to ensure that the baby was safely transferred to a road ambulance and then on to hospital. After several days in hospital in Florida undergoing treatment, the baby was safely brought back to Greece.

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