Air Ambulance flight from Crete

This case presents a full ICU transfer for a British citizen who has been living outside of the UK for 8 years.

Dennis had lived in Crete for 8 years. He developed COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) stage 4 and decided that he wanted to return to the UK to get the relevant treatment. His condition was very delicate and he needed 24/7 oxygen support.

Dennis required a full ICU transfer and therefore a commercial flight was not an option. He needed to be transferred from Crete to the UK by an ICU air ambulance.

Mediaviation organised the bed to bed repatriation for Dennis. He traveled, with his wife, by land ambulance from his home in Crete to Heraklion airport. They then took the air ambulance from Heraklion airport back to the UK. On arrival, a land ambulance transported them to a local hospital for post-flight assessment and treatment.