Air Ambulance

Mediaviation provides private aero-medical repatriation service (also called air ambulance repatriation) to insurance companies, private individuals, heath institutions and governments worldwide.

Air Ambulance

We operate 24 hours, 365 days a year and we are always ready to help wherever you are.

We provide a highly professional bed-to-bed international air ambulance service.

For each air ambulance medical flight, the Patient is assessed on three levels of care: Low, Medium or High Dependency.

Low Dependency

This dependency includes Patients who need minimal medical interventions, but still require care and monitoring during medical flight transfer / air ambulance flight. The air ambulance involved with this type of medical flight transfer would have the medical flight personnel (Medical Flight Nurse / Medical Flight Paramedic) and equipment to deal with most medical emergencies.

Medium Dependency

For this level of care, in addition to the provision of equipment needed for low dependency transfers, medical flight personnel on the air ambulance will be capable of providing specialist care and equipment specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Patient.

High Dependency

This type of medical flight transfer requires the highest level of care. After a specialist medical flight assessment has been made of the patient the most appropriate air ambulance will be recommended. The transferring senior medical flight staff will have the experience and specialist medical flight training to deal with this type of intensive care air ambulance transfer

Air Ambulance